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Manufacturers of Auto Enclaved Aerated Blocks

Compare and Specifications

Particulars Aero Blocks Clay Bricks
Size (L x H x B) 600mm X 200mm X to 50mm 255mm X 75mm X 100/150mm
Breaking / Wastage 2% 8 to 10 %
External plaster 10 to 15mm plaster because of surface &size in even 20-25mm plaster required
internal plaster Not necessary only 10-12 mm pop Surface & size not even 15-20mm plaster &then POP is apply
Cost benefit Factor Saving sand, steel, Cement, labour, time, water for curing NO Cost benefit
Electricity bill saving Up 30% of air conditioning Electricity bill saving No Energy Saving
Contribution to carpet area 1.5% to 3% No Contribution
Thermal conductivity(Kw-M/C) 0.16 0.18
Sound absorption 37 – 42 (dB) for 200mm thick wall 50 for 230mm thick wall
Fire resistance 4 – 6 hours depending upon thickness of wall 2 hours
Dry density 550-650 Kg/m3 (oven dry) 1800 Kg/m3
Compressive strength 3.5 to 4.0 N/mm2 (As per IS:2185 part III) 2.0-2.5 N/mm2
Precision in size, Shape Uniform ®ular variation +3mm Non uniform ®ular Variation +2 to 10 mm
Availability Pre-cured by steam Curing and ready for delivery throughout year It`s Seasonal Not Available throughout year

*Actual weight may vary

Kamcrete AAC Sizes

Sizes Weight
600mm x 200mm x 50 mm (2") 4
600mm x 200mm x 75 mm (3") 6
600mm x 200mm x 100 mm (4") 8
600mm x 200mm x 150 mm (6") 12
600mm x 200mm x 200 mm (8") 16
600mm x 200mm x 230 mm (9") 20
600mm x 200mm x 250 mm (10") 22
600mm x 200mm x 300 mm (12") 24

Comparitive Analysis

KAMCRETE AAC Blocks are more competitive with other conventional bricks in pricing and offers significant saving for finished structures. Savings in construction cost can be as much as 18% when using AAC Blocks, as compared to other conventional bricks, after taking into consideration the resulting savings in gravel, cement, steel, labor, structure, foundation etc.

Consistent quality of KAMCRETE AAC Blocks has brought ample of advantages to the modern construction.