Lightweight Bricks

Manufacturers of Auto Enclaved Aerated Blocks

Today, because they have some benefits, lightweight bricks are more desirable than bricks and bricks. They included light weight, shape precision, and tilted the price. There is also no need for plaster to build the wall using rebel, but it can be directly in ACI. So it could save the expense of the budget plan.

It is made of a mixture of quartz sand, cement, lime, a little gypsum, and aluminum paste. This brick is a brick that’s manufactured in a modern factory. Unlike conventional red bricks handmade by the workers ‘ hands. This brick became the idol of construction contractors and started to be widely used in housing.

  • Special mold of lightweight brick
  • Bucket
  • Cement spoon
  • Hoe
  • Materials needed
  • Cement as a binder
  • Sand as filler material
  • Fly ash as filler material
  • Lime as filler material
  • Water as a diluents
  • Pasta aluminum as a developer material

Create a rebel combine initial consisting of a binder and filler with a magnitude relation of 1: two. Please note, the which means of the binder is cement whereas the filler may be a mixture of sand, fly ash, and lime. If you merely use ash or lime or combine each while not sand, then the permissible filler composition is terrorist organization of the whole mortar rebel.

Pour enough water into the rebel mix to dilute it. The addition of this water shouldn’t be an excessive amount of or deficient as a result it will injury the standard of the ensuing lightweight brick. In general, the quantity of water other to the rebel the maximum amount as zero.4-0.6 of the whole cement used. The stirring method ought to be discovered till the composition of the blending material is totally mingling.

The character of the mortar conjointly seems to be homogeneous and therefore, the density of its kind is additionally in accordance with the set up starting from one.8-2.2 weight unit / cubic decimeter. If the rebel style of mass isn’t acceptable, you’ll add water pro re nata. After a lightweight brick combine is finished, following is to make it by employing a special mould.

The trick is to pour the suspension paste into the mould, then unfold the complete surface. to dry and print dead, leave this mould for concerning twelve hours. The next day, open the light-weight brick mould rigorously. Next move the rebel-rebel continues to be raw to the drying (curing area) is open however protected against direct daylight.

Forms of care that ought to be applied to light-weight bricks throughout the drying method embrace watering the rebel for ten consecutive days. This can be in order that the drying takes place slowly in order that rebel doesn’t suffer injury or crack. Then on the fifteenth day, this light-weight brick are often placed within the depot. The new rebel material could also be worn when it reaches over twenty days from the beginning of manufacture.


  • More waterproof
  • Quick installation
  • No need to be plastered
  • Installation is cleaner